For corporations, negative press can happen often, though most often unwarranted. When you’re dealing with a large number of clients, it is an inevitability that eventually you’ll have someone spread something negative about your company. Though there may already be plenty of good content about your company online, it may not be targeted correctly to properly defer negative detractors.

We can help create new, tailored content to help push negative reviews and detractors out of view of people searching for your company online, so they only find the content that we’ve created. This will help keep up a positive public view of your company, by making sure that all negative reviews are pushed out of the first page of search results. Through content marketing, publishing online media releases, creating new landing pages and gateway information websites focused on your business, we can help flood the SERPs and social media with good information and reviews on your company, keeping the public view of your company in a good light.

Program Includes:

  • Monthly News Release syndications - over 1,500 downstream partners
  • Ghost writing to social media channels
  • Website optimization for organic search
  • Website optimization for corporate image and responsibility improvements
  • Create & optimize multiple new gateway pages to rank high under your brand in search engines
  • Build & optimize additional subpages to boost online reach
  • Actively build new links to repress negative detractors
  • Monthly work reports

$999 per month


To learn more about our company and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us at any time. Consultations are always free, with no obligations.


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